Aussie Acans-E4


Quick Info

Name: Aussie Acans
Coloration: Red/Orange
Care Level: Intermediate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Lighting: High/Medium
Placement: High/Medium
Water Flow: High/Medium
Temperature: 77-79º

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Acanthastra or Acans mostly originate from the waters of the Indo-Pacific and  Australia. Their amazing colors make these corals the perfect centerpiece for any stony coral tank. 

To maintain their health and coloration, Acans do best under medium to moderate lighting levels. Always keep your Acans at least 1-2 inches away from other species of corals, as they will aggressively sting most other corals they come into contact with. 

While Acans act very aggressively towards other species of corals, they will not sting each other, even if you have different color morphs coming in contact with one another. This gives you the ability to completely carpet a small or large area with an intense variety of color.  

Spot feeding these corals a mixture of meaty foods, including Mysisand brine will give you spectacular growth rates. By properly maintaining your trace element levels and doing regular spot feeding, you can expect baby heads of new Acans to begin to sprout within a month or so. Spot feeding will increase this corals growth rate but is not entirely necessary.  Acans also receive a large amount of nutrients from photosynthesis.

Montipora Digitata

Montipora Digitata is a fast growing, hardy, and relatively easy to care for variety of SPS. For hobbyists who do not have much or any experience with SPS corals and are looking to try them out, this is a great type of species to start with. To do their best Digitata require moderate to high light and flow levels, and will enjoy the occasional addition of a phytoplankton or other similar sized foods made for SPS type corals.

Like other Montipora, Montipora Digitata will incrust over rocks but differs in the way they grow branches much like Acropora species. Digitata can be easily differentiated from Acropora by its smooth polyp covered branches that have small finger or “digit” like bumps at the end of the branches where new growth occurs. 


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